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How does Ziply work?

Ziply operates as an on-demand shipping service, allowing customers to order couriers to deliver their parcels in a fast and efficient manner without having to leave their home or office. If you’ve got a package that’s ready to be shipped, all you need to do is log on to Ziply, select a destination and let a Zipster do the rest.

Why choose Ziply?

Ziply offers the most convenient on-demand shipping service around. From the touch of your cellphone, laptop or desktop, you can request a courier 24/7/365 for quick and reliable transportation of your packages, avoiding lines at the post office in the process.

I have used many couriers in the past. None of them are as friendly, professional and timely as Ziply. The website is simple to use and their system is highly efficient.

Samantha K, Business owner

My husband and I recently moved to a new house. We used Ziply to pick up all of our large shopping items we couldn't fit in our car. Nothing got damaged and everything was delivered quickly and safely!

Suzy Q, Homemaker

I have a ton of confidential legal documents that I need delivered to my clients in a timely manner. Ziply never lets me down, and I highly recommend their on-demand service to all of my clients and colleagues.

Eddie D, Lawyer

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